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Please complete our Application form below:

If YES, then we require a reputable, accredited ABC Professional Behaviorist who is familiar with the dog in question to complete a form stating the kind of bite work training the dog has undergone, as well as the dog’s suitability for therapy work. A decision will then be made as to whether the dog may be evaluated to become a TOP Dogs Therapy Dog.

* In adhering to our Public Liability Insurance requirements, all handlers applying must be 18 years old and over.

What are we looking for in a Therapy Dog team?
  • A dog who is friendly with all types of people
  • A dog who can work in close proximity to the other dogs in the programme
  • A dog who is controllable around other animals
  • A pro-active handler, who knows the needs, and whereabouts, of their dog at all times, and acts accordingly
  • A handler who will make sure their dog is clean and healthy
  • A handler who will be friendly to our clients

Handler Details:

Details of your dog

Therapy dogs must have annual Veterinary health checks along with their vaccinations, be de-wormed every three months, spot treated for ticks/fleas every month, and tested for worms with a faecal flotation worm test, before commencing visits.
Therapy Dogs must be bathed, groomed, teeth cleaned, nails filed, and sprayed with anti-bacterial spray before visits.

About you

Many companies now allow time off under their CSI program.
We have a limited number of visits out of office hours and on certain Saturday mornings.
The absolute minimum commitment required is one regular visit per month.